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Does this rebate exchange for review model comply with Amazon regulation?

Amazon has its own Vine Program and Top Program providing free products to high ranked reviewers.We believe every reviewer deserves free samples as long as his/her reviews are unbiased and valuable.

How to become Top/Vine review see here:


How to increase Review Survival Rate?

  1. Purchase Behavior:

1) Find out the target product by searching keywords, and view other similar items not less than 60 seconds.

2) Back to the page of target product, read the information of product not less than 60s(including product description, product information, customer review etc.). Then add to your cart.

3)Post your review between day 7 to day 14 since you receive the goods.

  1. Content:

Pros & Cons


Target Audience


Upload photos or video

Any of my personal information will be provided to others?

No, absolutely NOT. We does not have any of your personal information, except your paypal email and Amazon reviewer profile.

How to improve my Amazon ranking?

Amazon ranking are based on the quality of reviews and the number of reviews that you posted.
There are several ways that's may help you to improve ranking:

1. Numbers of ”Helpful” button clicked in the review
The quality of view as such how many “Helpful” clicks you get. That’s useful for improving your ranking.

2.Date of posting review
Up to date reviews is more powerful and persuasive than previous.

3.Content of review
Pros & Cons
Target Audience
Upload photos or video

The ranking is updated once a month.The rankings are competitive with other reviews so it may affected by other reviewers' activities. All rules are subject to Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

Is the rebate guaranteed?

It's 100% guaranteed, we will refund within 8 hours when we got your review link.

Can I return the product after review it?

No, you can not do that. It's against our policy and you will be blocked from us if you did that.

What can I do if I received a defective product or don’t know how to use the product works?

Please select the option “contact seller or contact customer service” in the page of “DEAL MANAGER”, the seller or customer service will help you solve the problem.

Three ways to help you find out the review URL.

1. Find it from your Amazon profile.

2.Find it from product review.

3.Find it from the Amazon mail.

Why the price of the item on productselectionoffice is different from the price on Amazon?

The seller may change the price on Amazon but did not update the price on productselectionoffice. You can always message the support to confirm the discount again before making a purchase.