TOP Reviewer

What is Top Reviewer?

These badges identify our best reviewers. The Top Reviewer Rankings showcase our best contributors at the moment, while the Hall of Fame honors those who have been highly ranked in previous years.


Anybody who has ever spent any time on Amazon will be aware of those little yellow starts which denote reviews left by customers.  Reviews are a great way of finding out what other customers thought of a product and, therefore, deciding if it may be right for you.  What many people may not be aware of is the fact that, just like products, reviewers are ranked on Amazon too.


You may have noticed that, underneath each product review on Amazon, there is an option to tell Amazon whether the review was helpful or not (this is a very simple system whereby you have the option to click on ‘Yes’ or click on ‘No’ which is known as a ‘vote’ – you also have the option to leave a comment if you so desire).


Amazon then uses this feedback to form a rank of reviewers whereby an Amazon user whose reviews are consistently voted as helpful will move up the ranks to become a top reviewer.


A reviewer’s rank is calculated by working out how often their reviews are deemed helpful – if a reviewer leaves 30 reviews but only one is marked as helpful, they will not move up the ranking.  The more recently a review is left, the better chance it has of improving the user’s rank, however, only one vote per product is allowed per user so don’t bother trying to improve rank by leaving additional reviews.


Amazon takes product quality control very seriously and so is happy to reward reviewers who take the time to leave detailed, helpful reviews on the site.  The Amazon Hall of Fame is the best of the best of Amazon’s reviewers who earn badges and other rewards for their service.


How do I improve my Amazon reviewer rank?

Leave as many reviews as possible.  You are not limited to reviewing only items which have been bought on Amazon so feel free to review purchases from other stores or websites on Amazon’s site.

Use professional language in your review and refrain from using insulting or informal phrases.

Be as detailed as possible, including photographs where necessary.

Format your review into a bullet list of good and bad points, followed by an overall conclusion.

Remember that somebody reading your review is doing so because they are thinking of buying that item – think of the information that would be considered useful in helping them make the decision and include this in your review.

Finish your review by stating whether or not you recommend the product.