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Amipearl Cooling Blanket, Keep You Cool All Night Long for A Sweat-Free Slumber, Summer Blankets for Hot Sleepers, Double Side Cooling Blanket, Cotton Blanket for Warm Side-60" X 80"-Black

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WAKE UP REFRESHED: Help prevent night sweats and help make the environment better for sleep. The cooling blankets rely on temperature-regulating technology to prevent you from overheating—Keep your bedroom cool. We recommend use it under a window air conditioner or reliable tower fan in your bedroom during the summer. ENJY DOUBLE OPTIONS: Making it ideal for year-round use. A warm, cotton option for the cold night and a cooling option for the summer. The double side cooling blanket is not thin, not like just 1 piece of fabric with a nice edge on it. You don’t need put this cooling blanket under another blanket. STOP FEELING OVERHEATED: Keep our nighttime body temps properly regulated. Through heat and moisture management, our cooling blanket works throughout the night to regulate your body temperature. It absorbs heat when you're too hot and releases it back to you when your body temperature drops. COOL DOWN QUICKLY: Keep you cool during hot nights. Cooling blankets are made of lightweight, breathable material that encourage airflow. Cold to the touch fabric features high specific heat capacity which will keep you cool through the night. FEEL CHILLY IN BED : Help you sleep on hot nights. Cool, sweat-free sleep on warm nights and warm coziness on cold ones. Amipearl cooling blankets keep your sleep at a comfortable temperature, cooler at night than during the day. You will fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.