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Banhey Interactive Dog Ball Toys with Chew Rope, Dog Chew Balls Exercise Toy Outdoor Dog Tug of War Toys Rebound Flying Ball Reward Toy Dog Training Tools for Puppies Large Dogs Aggressive Chewers Red+Green

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【Tug-of-war Toy】: There're nylon rope handles on the two top of side, which can be used as a tug-of-war toy. This dog tug toy is great for long-term outdoor play and enhance the dog's physical strength, intelligence, and reduce its daily anxiety. Really a perfect solution for fitness, exercise and training. 【Dog Chew Ball】: This dog ball toy is made of healthy and environmentally friendly PP+ABS material, which is strong and chewy. And the dog chew ball constructed from heavy duty cotton rope that evenly distributes stress from pulling and chewing. With these multiple chew ropes can not only stimulate the dog’s interest in biting toys, but also effectively remove dental calculus, rice residue or dirt on the dog’s teeth, and protect the dog’s teeth and oral health. 【Interactive Training Dog Ball】: Interactive games help reduce disruptive behavior. This interactive dog ball with multiple strong and durable cotton chew rope on the top of two side, which allow you play throwing and chasing games with your pets, helping to release excessive energy and reduce boredom, enhancing the coordination of the dog's body, training their IQ, enjoying a happy time with you. Banhey's dog ball toy is a good choice for training, companionship and interaction with dogs. 【Rebound Flying Ball】: Throw a disc, catch a ball! Transform from a flying disc to a ball within 5 seconds! The toy can be squashed from a ball to become a Frisbee, throw the toy, and the Frisbee will bounce back into a sphere when it lands. This product is easy to throw far, high and steady. The interaction between owner and dog can better vent the dog's energy and release the dog's mental pressure. 【Multifunctional Outdoor Dog Toy】: This is a multifunctional interactive training dog toy for owners and pets, which integrates dog ball toy, dog chew toy, dog rope toy, dog tug-of-war, rebound flying ball, outdoor exercise sports, and romp-n-roll entertainment. It's great for large dogs aggressive chewers, help to capture your dog’s interest, keep them mentally and physically stimulated and enhance their natural hunting retrieving instincts, reduce anxiety and destructive boredom behaviors.