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Dog Toys Puppy Teething Chew Toys-Cooling Chew Toys Interactive Dog Toys Training, Teeth Cleaning, Playing and Chewing for Small Medium and Large Breeds

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【Emotional comfort】feeding attractant can be added to the pet toy cleaning channel to increase fun andreduce the dog's feelings of boredom, sensitivity and anxiety.water floating toy can also be used as an interactive game toy when the dog swims to enhance the relationship between you and the dog.Improve your dog’s sense of happiness and security with this dog toothbrush toy,but we suggest that you use it for dogs for no more than 20-30 minutes every day. 【Safe materials】Puppy teething toys are made of safe and non-toxic materials with a light fragrance. The bone is made of anti-bite TPR soft rubber material, which is resistant to bite and protects the dog's oral health. The popsicle is made of hard nylon material to meet the teething needs of aggressive dog. 【Clean teeth & Freshen breath】The original zigzag grinding design of durable dog toys,arranged horizontally and vertically,can deeply clean pet dog's molars, incisors and sharp teeth while satisfying the needs of anti-itching, massage and decompression of the dog's gums.In addition, applying pet-specific toothpaste at the cleaning channel can help reduce the accumulation of tartar and plaque, refresh the breath and make your dog healthier. 【Cooling Chew Toys】Put the toy in clean water, squeeze the top of the toy with your fingers to fill it with water, and take it out after freezing for two hours. It will cool your dog in the hot summer, and the melted ice water will flow out through the hollow hole,which can quench the dog's thirst.By the way,when the heat wave strikes, use this Frozen Dog Toys to protect your dog withstand hot weather. 【Unique design】This teether for puppy combines the two cute shapes of bone and popsicle. The bone is full of serrated or sharped molar bumps.The popsicle stick at the bottom can be removed separately and used as another kind of pet teething toy.

Pet Frozen Toys Upgraded designed to be frozen, to keep your dog cool,Spend its sweltering summer day in comfort! Dog Water Floating Toy It can floats and is great for water play.Interact with the dog to eliminate the dog's uneasiness