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Extra Strong Eyelash Extension Glue - LYMZIE 10ml Black Adhesive/ 1-2 Sec Dry 6-7 Weeks Lasting Time for Salon Use Only Latex Free Lash Adhesive for Semi-Permanent Extensions

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Best Glue for volume, easy fan and individual eyelashes: If you are beginner or not 100% satisfied, just contact us and we will do our best for you and promise delightful moments for you and your valuable clients. Latex and Formaldehyde Free: Our eyelashes extension adhesive is made for salon use, so we ensure using the highest quality ingredients for our glue. It will never hurt your skin if you standardize use. Fast Dry Time: 1 seconds drying time, just applicable for highly skilled lash artists. Fast drying time save you and your customer time. It works well in RH 45-65% and 68-77℉. Safety Warning: This glue Salon Use Only, DO NOT use it for Self-Application or with clusters or strip lashes. Please standardize the use of eyelash extension glue, and keep your eyes closed and do not touch eyeliad. Extra Strong: LYMZIE extra strong eyelash glue innovative ingredients, it can lasting up to 6-8 weeks, especially designed for advanced lash extension stylists.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION LYMZIE Extra Strong Eyelash Glue Irritation: ★★☆☆☆ Fume: ★★☆☆☆ Drying time:1-2 seconds ★★★★☆ Retention: Up to 7 weeks ★★★★★ Color: Black Humidity: RH 45-65% Temperature: 68-77℉ Ingredients: Alkoxy Cyanoacrylate, Carbon Black WE GATHERED BEST QUALITY This glue is formaldehyde-free. Perfected logistics with short lead time from production to sale so that you had as fresh adhesives as practicable when delivered at your door USAGE METHODS 1. Before applying glue, please clean the eyelashes. 2. Please dry the excess moisture in the joint with dry non-woven gauze before grafting. 3. Shake 60 times to mix the ingredients evenly. 4. The individual lashes coated with glue is attached to a portion about 2 mm away from the root, and the individual lashes’ direction is consistent with the direction of the natural eyelashes. 5. The interval between each eyelash grafting is more than 5 seconds. 6. After the last individual lashes are received, please fully air-dried. Can’t rub the eyes with hands.