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iqua Inflatable Lounger, Inflatable Couch Air Sofa, Waterproof Anti-Air Leaking Portable Beach Lounger, Easy to be Inflated for Camping, Pool, Outdoor, Picnics

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【Multifunctional Air Couch】 It can be used as inflatable sofa, recliner, beach chair, lawn chair, camping chair; in the backyard, beach, park, camping, hiking, tourism, music festival and any other outdoor adventure activities, both indoor and outdoor. 【Portable & Lightweight】The folded size of this inflatable sofa is 15 "x 8" x 3", and the weight is only 1.7lbs. It can be easily folded and placed in a handbag that can be carried anytime and anywhere. Durable, waterproof, easy to clean, resistant Tear, light and easy to travel. 【Safe and Stable 】The inflatable size is 85 "x 28" x 16 ", can hold 330lbs, once inflation can keep 4-5 days will not collapse, the large size of this inflatable sofa can provide the entire body even in strong winds stability. 【Easy to be Inflated】No need for an air pump, open the sofa pocket, run against the wind to suck in air, don’t make a circle(rotating in place cannot be filled with air), it will be easier to inflate on windy days, and you can use a fan to inflate indoors. 【Unique Anti-Air Leaking Design】Inflatable couch for camping adopt double-layer design, the outer layer is a protective layer, using a brand-new firm waterproof fabric, not easy to be pierced by stones, sand and grass. The inner layer is used for sealing and adopts high-density nylon material to seal and prevent air leakage. The sealing port has a high-hardness buckle design to ensure a firm sealing port to prevent air leakage.

Reminder: 1. Precautions for inflating: Remember not to carry your pockets and go for a drive when you are inflating, because the pockets are very long, not suitable for making a circle, and you may trip yourself easily. 2. Precautions for rolling up the seal: When rolling up the seal, be sure to align and roll tightly until the roll can't move, so that the pocket will be fully inflated. And when you roll it, it must be as flat as possible! Otherwise, it is not beautiful, and it is easy to lock the seal and leak air from the seal! 3. Instructions for rolling up the plastic bag after the seal: roll the seals on both sides of the seal inward to roll the plastic bag in, usually 1-2 turns, and you can adjust it during use. If the plastic bag comes out due to improper operation during use, don't worry, just roll it in again.