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KENICUT Iron on Vinyl for T-Shirt 12"x10" 26 Sheets 16 Assorted Color PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

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✔Note✔ HTV is suitable for hot press or household iron. Temperature: 300-320℉ (150-160℃), time: 10-15 seconds, pressure: about 10 pounds of warm peeling. It can be machine washed after 24 hours of HTV treatment, but it cannot be bleached. ✔DIY Gifts✔ HTV is ideal for scrapbooking supplies and handicraft supplies, suitable for decorating clothing and accessories. Get vinyl sheet, you can easily customize it and make personalized products, it is a good choice for Christmas, Halloween and anniversary gifts for family or lovers. ✔Combination Packaging✔ Heat transfer vinyl, a variety of colors and quantity combinations to meet your needs, heat-press T-shirts, school bags, hats, pillows, shoes, team clothing made of cotton, polyester, and cotton blends. Vinyl iron is very sticky and can adhere seamlessly to fabrics and keeps it well during washing. ✔Easy To Cut And Weeding✔ The heat transfer vinyl material has the right thickness, is easy to cut, and easy to pull out. Even if it is a complicated design, any vinyl weeding tool can be used to effectively remove residues. KENICUT HTV is suitable for all machines such as Silhouette Cameo, Sizzix, Graphtec, US Cutter, and various cutting mats. ✔High-quality Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet✔ 12in x 10in universal size, very easy to handle. Vinyl paper is a high-quality permanent substitute and is ideal for all indoor and outdoor projects. Our HTV vinyl material is strong and waterproof, made of polyurethane, soft and flexible, suitable for any heat press.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Color:26 Sheets Heat transfer vinyl is very easy to cut, weed and transfer heat on T-shirts, bags, sweatshirts, aprons, hoodies, etc. MAIN FEATURES OF KENICUT HTV ✔1. The most popular color: 26 Sheets 16 Assorted Color(black/white/green/yellow/red/orange) ✔2. Size: 12" x 10" ✔3. Easy to cut, weed and transfer: time-saving, it can cut and weed well even in complex and delicate design ✔4. Waterproof stretch: excellent elasticity, viscosity and durability ✔5. Height matching: suitable for various cutting machines ✔6. Machine wash: keep in good condition while washing HOW TO USE ✔1. REVERSE Open your design, choosing "mirror image". ✔2. CUT Cut in reverse, glossy carrier side down. ✔3. WEED Removed needless vinyl around your image. ✔4. PREHEAT Preheat iron, Preheat where the pattern is needed of garment for 2~3sec. ✔5. PLACE Place the design pattern in its final position. ✔6. HEAT PRESS Use an iron or heat press for 300-320℉/10-15sec. ✔7. COLD PEEL After iron, wait for 3-5 seconds or pat 3-5 times in the position then peel the clear polyester carrier. ✔8. WAIT Be sure to wait 24 hours first wash. If any part of vinyl lifts off, repeat the steps to iron on above until you can peel off the clear backing without lifting up the vinyl.