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PerseveranX High Heel Inserts for Women – Soft Polyurethane Shoe Pads for Women , Premium Set of 14 PCS with 4 Metatarsal Pads, Heel Cushions and 6 Hallux Valgus Toe Pads for Blisters and Calluses

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Comfortable Wear: With such a dense and soft design, our shoe pads provide amazing comfort and breathability, which makes them perfect for everyday wear. The cushion pads are skin-friendly and do not retain any smelly odors, allowing you to feel confident every time you walk in your favorite shoes. Safe and Reliable: These inserts for high heels have a strong adhesive backing that prevents the pads from slipping during walking. Also, the soft polyurethane material adapts to your foot structure and keeps it in a comfortable position that can help relieve bunion calluses or blisters. Premium Quality Materials: Our inserts for shoes women comfort are made with advanced U.S.A. technology and high-quality open-cell polyurethane, which is shock-absorbing, extremely soft and can help relieve pressure instantly. Complete Set: The PerseveranX high heel cushion inserts women set comes with 2 pairs of metatarsal pads, 2 pairs of heel cushion pads and 6 bunions pads meant to prevent the shoe from rubbing your skin while creating cushioning so you won’t experience any discomfort. Say Goodbye to Blisters and Pain: With the PerseveranX heel pads for high heels, you can wear your favorite pair of shoes without worrying about blisters! These high heel cushions offer excellent support and protection against calluses or blisters, so you can walk with confidence in your shoes!.