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Pyraflex 13" x 16" Large Grill Mat For Out Door Grill, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bbq Grill Mats Engineered With Shinny Golden Coating, Non-Stick, Wash Off Grease With Ease, Innovative Bbq Accessories

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【HIGH-GRADE VIRGIN MATERIAL & PORTABLE】It is made by food grade stainless steel mesh, the same material where biscuit manufacturing company apply in their baking chain. What’s more is, we provide each grilling topper with a nylon bag for decent BBQ parties. PyraFlex BBQ Grill pad can be rolled and stay in bag. 【PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED】 Easily grill the juiciest steaks, smoke the tenderest chicken and sautee any vegetables, you will get your unique texture with PyraFlex.. Any unexpected damage during transport can be returned immediately. Grill professionally and it will definitely satisfy by chefs and beginners, cause Pyraflex understand how BBQ. 【GREASED GRILL TOPPER DO NOT EXIST】 Our grill top is obvious reusable, and the secret behind PyraFlex is, one can easily wash off BBQ grease by rubbing and rubbing only without brush. Apply with dish detergent and you will see it will return to its golden color again like new. In addition, it is dishwasher safe. PyraFlex grill mat can be used over 1000 uses for each side, that is 60 times uses than conventional grilling mats, grill bag, smoking bags. 【1000℉ PEAK TEMPERATURE PFOA FREE BBQ SMOKE MAT 】PyraFlex by its name is pretty self explanatory, our grill mesh’s net thickness reaches 0.2 inch, this grill topper is much different than what other BBQ Accessories Company offers, it has a structure to stand up gas heat, and it can cover burning charcoal directly. Plus its perfect stainless steel can provide much better heat conduction than most Teflon Coated Fiber Grill Mats. This supper heat conduction can create a unique texture to your BBQ. 【BRILLIANTLY ENGINEERED FOR BBQ】We come up with the idea from mid-century Knight Armor around neck, it is stretchable, can curve around certain angles, and easy to fold and open up. Our grill topper is perfectly engineered like armor suitable for vegetable, fish, steak and any other types of BBQ Source. No more worries about your food sticking to the grates or falling through cracks, because it is not crackable.