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[Updated 2021 Insole] Ultra-Light Running Insoles, NICE CARE Athletic Insoles, E-TPU Popcorn Orthotic Inserts, Boost Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles with Shock Absorption, Outdoor Arch Support Insoles Sport Black,7-9 Men

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Universal orthotic inserts: Ideal for people who love sports, such as long-distance running, hiking, cycling. Also great for those who stand for long periods during work like teachers, chefs, and construction workers. Suitable for all types of athletic or casual shoes. New E-TPU environmental material: Eco-friendly and recyclable materials, safe and odor-free, quite during use. Bring back your confidence. Excellent performance when running, no matter in summer at 90° F or in winter in the ice or snow. Get excited to get active again! Molded in one piece so there’s no need to worry about cracking after repeated cleaning. Non-Slip: These insoles really let your feet breathe! The raised popcorn texture keeps your feet from slipping on the insole surface, and keeps the insole in place in your shoe – double slip protection. Extra breathable : Upgraded popcorn structure allows the insole surface to have a slight gap in contact with the foot, and the 3 special grooves on the bottom of the insole are designed to keep the air flowing inside the shoe, reduce moisture. Strong support for your arches: Unique reinforced curved arch design fits the sole of the foot, supports arches, and relieves foot pain caused by sports or standing for extended periods. The U-shaped heel cup was designed to wrap and protect the heel. Comfortable and stable. Super-comfortable: Designed ergonomically with medium hardness (33° Shore durometer). Durable and not easily deformed. Soft but supportive. Proprietary adaptive rebound ensures stability and softness while walking and rebound and protection during strenuous exercise. Ultra-light: Made of fully upgraded E-TPU material weighing just 26g each. Lighten your step a little bit every day and say goodbye to foot pain!.
Color:Sport Black,7-9 Men